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What is Employment Harassment?

Atlanta Employment Discrimination Attorney

Harassment is a broad term that can encompass different behaviors. The common theme is that each of these actions is illegal, and businesses can be held liable in lawsuits brought by employees. There are two primary types of workplace harassment: Quid pro quo – when someone from an employer with authority suggests that an employee will be given something…

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Design Errors in Commercial Real Estate Developments

Alpharetta Commercial Real Estate Attorney

Hidden defects lurk in many commercial real estate developments based on their design. These could cause structural defects or other types of damages after a buyer has taken possession of the property. They could also cause delays during construction that cost buyers time and money. In turn, the contractor could experience their own damages based on mistakes that the…

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Should Your Contract be in Writing?

Atlanta General Contracts Attorney

Contracts are one area where it never pays to be informal. Not having everything reduced to writing can leave your business in serious risk and potentially cost a large amount of money. Even though it may seem like work at the time, having all of your contracts in writing will give you invaluable protection. It would be inaccurate to…

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When is Arbitration Required for a Business Dispute?

Dunwoody Business Litigation Attorney

The default in any business litigation case is that it will end up in court if one party decides to sue. However, many contractual agreements will have a clause to specify a choice of forum. The parties to a contract may agree that any dispute could be brought in only a certain court (usually located where the more powerful…

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Reasonable Accommodations and Disability Discrimination

Atlanta Employment Discrimination Lawyer

Federal law requires that employers make reasonable accommodations for workers with disabilities. These must be made in both the hiring process and throughout the worker’s employment. There are three categories of reasonable accommodation: Modifications to the job application process that would allow people with disabilities to apply Modifications to the employment conditions to allow a person with disabilities to…

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Are You Thinking of Selling Your Business?

Marietta Business Transaction Lawyer

If a sale of your business may be in your future, you must start preparing early. There are numerous legal issues involved that require advanced planning. Having an expert team in place can help smooth the process. Prepare yourself for a long period before the deal closes that has its ups and downs. Have a Lawyer Review the Agreement…

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What is a Force Majeure Clause?

Force Majeure Clause

One way to think of a force majeure clause is as language in the contract that covers “stuff happens.” Sometimes, when you sign a contract, things beyond your control keep you from performing what you promised. You have every intention to perform according to the deal, but you simply cannot. This Clause Covers You During Disasters and Crisis These…

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Three Things that Can Go Wrong in a Commercial Real Estate Deal

Alpharetta Commercial Real Estate Lawyer

Unpredictability is the unfortunate byproduct of any commercial real estate deal. There are many moving pieces in the deal, and any one of them can cause bumps in the road. Here are some things that can jeopardize your transaction.   Financing Falls Through In order to close on the deal, the buyer usually is borrowing money from a lender….

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Employment Discrimination FAQs

Atlanta Employment Discrimination Lawyer

Employers need to be careful when it comes to acts that could be construed as discrimination. They could face embarrassing and costly lawsuits that may put a damper on their reputation. Here are some commonly asked questions about employment discrimination. Does Discrimination Require Intent? Not necessarily. An employee can file a lawsuit for actions that have a disparate impact…

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Legal Issues in Commercial Development Projects

Atlanta Construction Lawyer

Commercial development projects rarely proceed smoothly from start to finish. Here are some common issues that parties experience and how to deal with them. Change orders One of the most common issues in these contracts is change orders. The builder may be asked to do things that they do not think are part of the contract. They must still…

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