404.382.8149Offices in Midtown Atlanta (main), Perimeter Center, Marietta & Alpharetta, serving all of Georgia
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Located in Atlanta, serving all of Georgia

When looking for an experienced attorney, call or email Battleson Law and we will provide a free consultation to get started. We serve Metro Atlanta and the entire State of Georgia.

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FRAUD PREVENTION: The firm does NOT handle residential real estate closings or title insurance issuance. NO WIRES should be sent to the firm without direct confirmation that is verified orally through set procedures.

Business / Corporate Law

While working within businesses, Mark Battleson repeatedly heard colleagues discuss nuanced “errors” in structures and agreements which were the…

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Commercial Real Estate & Finance

Comprehensive Commercial Real Estate Lawyer for Transaction Services in Atlanta Battleson Law represents developers, buyers, and sellers in all…

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Business & Employment Disputes

With experience representing small and medium size businesses in commercial and employment matters, Mark Battleson brings valuable perspective to…

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New Loans, Refinancings & Loan Workouts

Assisting Small Businesses with Funding Applications The United States Small Business Administration (SBA) works with financial institutions to facilitate…

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We serve Metro Atlanta and the entire State of GeorgiaBattleson Law is a business / corporate, real estate investment, and personal injury law firm with a unique “real world,” owner’s-perspective. In addition to gaining skills from large law firm experience, Mark Battleson has also worked within operating companies and investment firms, and has several years of experience resolving business disputes and defending insurance companies. By keeping each client’s “big picture” interests at the forefront, we avoid excessive friction and expense caused by “over-lawyering”. Whether helping to keep a deal alive or negotiating with client adversaries, Battleson Law is able to see the forest through the trees. Battleson Law’s business, real estate, and personal injury law practice in  Atlanta combines its real world business experience with large-firm expertise and boutique-firm value… giving clients a clear, direct, cost-conscious path toward achieving their goals.

Battleson Law is well-versed in a wide range of legal issues, and the firm focuses on the following four areas:

Atlanta Business Lawyer / Corporate Law

In addition to his legal education at Emory University School of Law, Mark Battleson also earned his MBA (Finance and Strategy) from University of Michigan. Mark combines this formal education with a wide array of experiences as: an attorney with a large law firm, associate with an international, bulge-bracket investment bank, and executive positions with multiple investment, development, and asset management firms. Mark not only understands his role as a counselor and advocate, his business experience of “living with” the documents that are prepared by other lawyers, means that he is always focused on the owner-perspective of each client’s short and long-term vision, not just “papering” the transaction. Battleson Law guides small and medium-size business in Atlanta with lawyer services such as:

  • Outsourced General Counsel
  • Entity Formation (Corporations, LLC, LP, General Partnership)
  • Business Contracts
  • Business Transactions
  • Start Up / Entrepreneur
  • Buying / Selling a Business
  • Corporate Finance
  • Insurance

Commercial Real Estate Lawyer in Atlanta

Battleson Law provides a full complement of Atlanta commercial real estate acquisition, development, and financing legal services. Our Atlanta commercial real estate expertise includes the following:

  • Commercial Real Estate Transactions & Development
  • Leasing
  • Investment Partnership / Entity Structuring
  • Commercial Real Estate Finance – Debt, Mezzanine & Equity
  • Construction Contracts & Dispute Resolution
  • Insurance Coverage & Bonding

Business & Employment Disputes in Atlanta

With experience representing small and medium size businesses in commercial and employment matters, Mark Battleson brings valuable perspective to his business and employment dispute practice. While the firm is lean by design, through co-counsel relationships for larger matters, Battleson Law is equipped to handle any situation with cost-consciousness and appropriate diligence/aggression. Clients find it far less expensive to have Battleson Law handle matters as sole or lead counsel, rather than paying for large firm staff, junior associates, and heavy overhead that doesn’t materially affect the client’s outcome (other than Battleson Law clients avoiding larger bills).

Battleson Law’s unique advantage of inside knowledge of having worked on the business side for a decade, provides insight on pressure points of the opposition and where to dig for information. Mark Battleson’s experience with investigations, depositions, trials, and large deal & claim negotiations is put to use in the following matters:

  • Business and Commercial Disputes
  • Real Estate and Real Estate Investment Disputes
  • Employee and Business Non-Compete, Non-Solicit, Non-Disclosure & Trade Secrets
  • Wage and Overtime Disputes (FLSA – Employee Compensation)
    • Contingency-based fee (we don’t get our fees if you don’t win)

Loan Workouts for Atlanta Businesses

Many businesses in the Atlanta area use commercial loans as startup funding, to cover major expenses in the course of business, or to overcome financial setbacks. Commercial loans often have strict terms for repayment, and they can involve large amounts of money. It is all too common for a company to run into difficulty adhering to the terms of the loan, and loan default might result.

To avoid harsh actions by lenders, such as loan acceleration or action against a collateral or personal guaranty, it is important to discuss a possible loan workout with an experienced attorney at Battleson law. We take a proactive approach to negotiate a workout with lenders, which can result in updated repayment terms that are reasonable, given your company’s financial circumstances. We can also negotiate commercial lease workouts when needed. Learn how you might avoid the serious financial consequences of a commercial loan or lease default today.

Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer & Workers’ Compensation

Having formerly worked as an attorney defending large insurance companies, multinational self-insureds, and the State of Georgia, Mark Battleson brings this valuable perspective to his personal injury practice in Atlanta. Injury cases are generally handled on a contingency basis, and we don’t get our fee until you settle or win. Battleson Law’s unique advantage of inside knowledge of how insurance companies defend their claims, and Mark Battleson’s experience with investigations, depositions, trials, and large deal & claim negotiations is put to good use to get seriously injured people the justice they deserve in cases involving: Auto Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Truck Accidents, Medical Malpractice, Wrongful Death, Premises Liability / Slip and Fall, Product Liability, Dog Bites, Workers’ Compensation & Work Related Injuries

When looking for an experienced Atlanta lawyer for Business / Corporate / Commercial Real Estate matters; when faced with Business Disputes, Non-Compete matters, Overtime Wage issues; or, when dealing with New Loans, Loan Workouts, or Foreclosure, call or email Battleson Law and we will provide a free consultation to see if we are the best option for your situation. Our firm serves Metro Atlanta (offices in Midtown Atlanta, Sandy Springs and Alpharetta) and the entire State of Georgia.

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