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What Contracts are Unenforceable?

contracts attorney

When you enter into a legal agreement with another party, you expect them to keep up their end of the bargain. However, what happens when they refuse to perform their obligations under the contract, and then they argue that the contract is unenforceable? The reality is that some contracts – or certain provisions within contracts – can be held…

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Will Your Contract Lawsuit Go to Court?

business litigation

When you believe another party has breached a contract or someone else is accusing you of breaching a contract, the dispute can escalate into a lawsuit. Such lawsuits are filed in civil court when the parties cannot negotiate and resolve the matter on their own. When you think of a lawsuit, you might first imagine participating in a trial…

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Can You Reuse a Commercial Lease?

commercial real estate attorney

If you have a commercial property, losing a tenant can be a big blow. It is inconvenient, and you want to find the right replacement tenant and get them in the space as soon as possible to minimize your losses. In this process, it can seem easy to skip a step and simply reuse the commercial lease you had…

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Identifying Religious Discrimination in the Workplace

employment discrimination

The law prohibits employers from treating employees unfairly based on their religious beliefs (or lack thereof). Religious discrimination can take many forms, and some people do not even realize they are a victim of discrimination until the matter escalates. If you believe that you suffered this type of discrimination, do not wait to allow an Atlanta employment discrimination attorney…

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Common Vendor Issues

business contract attorney

Vendors can play an important role for many businesses, and you likely rely on your vendors for your operations and to follow through on promises to customers. Vendors can provide many goods and services, from cleaning your commercial property to supplying materials for a construction job or to assemble your products. It is critical that a vendor is reliable…

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Basic Elements of Successful Contracts

business contract attorney

A successful contract unfolds when each party performs its obligations. A contract must have certain minimum basic things in order to be valid. Here are some of the basic requirements. Consideration This is a legal term for the requirement that each party to the contract must be promising something. Most commonly, one person provides a good or service, and…

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Pros and Cons of Arbitration

business litigation lawyer

We are often asked about whether arbitration makes sense, especially when a client is presented with a contract that requires arbitration of disputes. Here are the benefits and drawbacks of arbitration. Pros Arbitration is a quicker and less expensive way of resolving your conflict. You do not have to go to the lengths of a full trial to get…

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Commercial Broker Disputes

commercial real estate

Commercial brokers bring together lessors and property owners. Even though their role is that of a middleman, they could end up with legal issues. They owe duties to their clients. In addition, clients must live up to their legal obligations. Here are some common disputes with commercial real estate brokers. Breach of Fiduciary Duty Real estate brokers have an…

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When Does a Business Contract Have to be in Writing?

Atlanta Business Transaction Lawyer

Not only is it a good idea to have a business contract in writing, but many times, it is a legal necessity. Without a written document that details and memorializes your rights, you could financially be at risk. How the Statute of Frauds Works To be clear, some oral contracts are enforceable, but you should never really take that…

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Rights Against Disability Discrimination

discrimination lawyer

Federal law protects workers from being discriminated against based on their disability. If an employer has violated the law, the employee can file a civil lawsuit for compensation. How the ADA Works The main federal law in this area is the American With Disabilities Act. The ADA makes disability status a protected class, and it applies to all employers…

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