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Are Your Employees Working Remotely?

employment dispute attorney

In 2020, many companies have a largely remote workforce due to the COVID-19 pandemic and related restrictions. In fact, many businesses plan to continue remote work for employees as it can improve the satisfaction of the workforce as well as lower overhead costs. However, when you transition to remote work, you cannot forget about employee laws with which you…

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Common Construction Disputes

construction dispute attorney

Construction projects are often a major undertaking – from getting investors or property owners to finding the right crew and contractors to bring the vision to life. Because there is often a lot of money at stake with construction plans, it is important for all parties to protect their rights and interests throughout the project. However, disputes are common…

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Starting an Online Business

business startup attorney

With the challenges of 2020, many business owners are transitioning to online business or thinking of starting an online-only company. These companies can often survive events like the COVID-19 pandemic, natural disasters, and other unforeseen incidents that can impact in-person commerce. However, how do you go about starting an online company? The process is similar to starting any other…

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Options for Commercial Lease Workouts

commercial lease attorney

There is no doubt that many business owners have fallen behind on commercial lease payments during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. While owners might be terrified that they will lose their commercial space and have to set up somewhere else, there are possible options available in many situations other than dispossession of the space. You should contact a commercial…

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Overview of the Business Dispute Resolution Process

business dispute attorney

Company owners can face disputes regarding many aspects of business. Whether you have a contract dispute, employee complaint, or disagreements between owners or shareholders, the most important thing is to make sure that you resolve the matter as efficiently as possible while securing a favorable outcome. Many people assume that the answer is to march right into court and…

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Protecting Your Company’s Trade Secrets

trade secrets

Many companies obtain patents to protect their designs, formulas, and other inventions and product information. However, not everything that a business might want to protect qualifies for patent protection, and also, some owners might not want to expose the information necessary to obtain a patent. For this reason, a common way to protect proprietary information of a company is…

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How a Buy-Sell Agreement Protects Your Company

buy-sell agreement

If you are in business with others or plan to be in the near future, you should consider what may happen if one of your associates wants to leave the business. Without an agreement to the contrary, a co-owner’s business interest is completely transferable, meaning that you may end up in business with a person you have never met…

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Due Diligence for Your Merger or Acquisition

merger and acquisition

Mergers and acquisitions are high-stakes transactions, and an improperly handled deal can impact your company’s future success. It is essential that you have legal guidance from a business lawyer in Atlanta who can examine all of the possible implications of your merger and acquisition. A key part of this is conducting due diligence, which can be time-consuming and involves…

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Issuing Final Paychecks to Employees

final paychecks

Many companies do not need their full workforce or might need to cut payroll. In addition, some employees might quit to find other work, due to a lack of childcare, or other circumstances. In any event, business owners should be prepared for changes in their staff as 2020 progresses. One issue to remember is that there are rules regarding…

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Reopening Your Business in Georgia


As Governor Brian Kemp issues orders that allow certain types of businesses to reopen throughout Georgia, business owners have many issues to consider and address. First, there are strict requirements as you are opening, which might include: Limiting the number of employees and customers you can have at one time Implementing intense disinfectant and sanitation routines on the premises…

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