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Federal Laws Affecting ATM Businesses

Even if you are not a bank yourself, there are federal laws that you need to know about when you own and operate an ATM. There are different laws that apply, depending on whether the ATM is owned and operated by an individual or a bank. Many of the stringent security measures requiring video cameras are not necessary when…

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Common Reasons for Wrongful Termination

Atlanta Wrongful Termination Attorney

When employers wrongfully terminate you, they can be held liable to you for damages in a lawsuit. Here are some of the reasons why employers can be held responsible for wrongful termination. Violation of an Employment Contract Many employers will ask new employees to sign contracts. While the contract imposes some obligations on the employee, the employer also has…

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Partnership Agreements for COAM Businesses

Coin-operated amusement machines are a highly-regulated business in Georgia. When two people decide to go into business together as partners, they need a detailed agreement to protect themselves. Like any partnership agreement, this contract must provide specific rights and obligations for each of the parties. One of the most important aspects of a partnership agreement is the dispute resolution…

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Contracts for COAM Placements

Atlanta ATM/COAM Business Lawyer

In Georgia, Coin Operated Amusement Machines (COAMs) are part of a regulated industry that requires a license from the State of Georgia. The owner of the machine may also need a contract to place their COAM in an establishment. It is always better to have all terms between the owner of the machine (the COAMs can be found in…

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Should You Form an LLC for Your ATM Business?

Georgia ATM/COAM Business Lawyer

ATMs can be challenging businesses that have a number of liability issues involved. Like any business, you are always better off when you are protected personally. You obtain the maximum amount of protection when you form an LLC.   No matter the type of business, you should form an LLC if there is any sort of risk to you….

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Employers Try to Disguise Age Discrimination

Atlanta Age Discrimination Attorney

Employers will never tell you explicitly that they are taking some type of adverse action against you or denying you a promotion because of your age. If they did, they would be setting themselves up for an automatic lawsuit and significant legal liability. You will need to prove discrimination by getting to the bottom of the facts in the…

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ATM Business Contracts

Georgia ATM Lawyer

When you own and operate an ATM, you need a place to put it where customers can utilize the machine. When you find a location, you will need to enter into a contract with the location owner. This is commonly called a placement agreement or site location agreement. Like any other business contract, your placement agreement should be carefully…

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What to Know to Apply for a COAM License

Georgia COAM attorney

If you want to own and operate a coin-operated amusement machine, you must first obtain the proper license from the Georgia Lottery Corporation COAM Division. Keep the following in mind before applying for your license: You cannot have any outstanding federal or state tax liability. Make sure that you know the type of license that you need. These include…

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Overview of the Business Lawsuit Process

Dunwoody Business Litigation Attorney

If your business finds itself in litigation, it will undoubtedly be a difficult time. Business lawsuits can take years to resolve and require your time and investment. Here is what you can expect in a business lawsuit. The process begins when you or the other party drafts a complaint, files it with the court, and serves it on the…

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How Mergers and Acquisitions Work

Marietta Business Transaction Attorney

A merger and acquisition is when two companies decide to join together, or one sells part of itself to another. The transaction is a detailed process that involves plenty of homework and paperwork before it can be final. Businesses will need an attorney to advise them from the very beginning of the mergers and acquisition process. First, the two…

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