Reopening Your Business in Georgia

As Governor Brian Kemp issues orders that allow certain types of businesses to reopen throughout Georgia, business owners have many issues to consider and address. First, there are strict requirements as you are opening, which might include:

  • Limiting the number of employees and customers you can have at one time
  • Implementing intense disinfectant and sanitation routines on the premises
  • Regularly screening all employees for possible COVID-19 symptoms
  • Posting signs disallowing customers with possible symptoms
  • Training for employees regarding disinfecting, handwashing, and helping to ensure social distancing
  • Requiring employees to wear masks

For businesses that serve patrons directly, there is a strict limit on customer presence in the restaurant, movie theater, or other establishment. This limits the revenue you can earn as you start to pay operating costs again. In addition, many businesses cannot fully operate with a limited workforce.

If you are a business owner, there are some important things to remember in these trying times. First, it is critical to comply with all requirements – not only to keep people safe and avoid liability for possible exposure, but also to prevent potential fines or other penalties. If your employees can work remotely and you do not have to open a physical location to bring in revenue, it is likely wise to continue remote operations for the time being.

Also, consider whether the revenue you might earn from limited customers – who might be hesitant to enter businesses yet – can make up for your operating expenses. You should not rush to reopen simply because you are allowed to do so, but instead, give the matter careful consideration.

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