Are You Facing Breach of Contract Allegations Stemming from COVID-19?

It seems that the COVID-19 pandemic has largely brought life as we know it in Atlanta to a halt. Many company owners have had their operations paused or at least lost revenue, and the future is uncertain for numerous businesses. Some company owners are unable to perform under their current contracts, and this could lead to allegations of breach of contract.

If another party is trying to hold you liable for breaching a contract, you might face extensive liability in a time when you are already struggling to keep your business afloat. You should speak with a business lawyer in Atlanta right away to review your options.

Options for Dispute Resolution

An attorney can help you with informal negotiation with the accusing party. Often, our negotiating skills allow us to reason with other owners and find solutions that are mutually agreeable and beneficial. If negotiation does not work, your contract might require you to engage in alternative dispute resolution (ADR). If ADR methods – such as mediation or arbitration – are unsuccessful, you might face litigation and need to defend against these claims in court.

One possible defense that many business owners might assert is based on the force majeure clause of the contract. This is a common provision that allows a party to terminate a contract based on natural disasters or other unexpected “acts of God.” In Georgia, even if a contract does not have this type of clause, you might be able to excuse your lack of performance on a statutory basis under O.C.G.A. § 13-4-21. You should have the right lawyer on your side to determine your options for raising this defense.

Discuss Your Concerns with a Business Lawyer in Atlanta

If your company is facing any legal issues, consult with Battleson Law, LLC, as soon as possible. Contact us online or call 404.382.8149 – an experienced Atlanta business attorney is here to help.

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