Dunwoody Business Contracts Attorney

Contracts are legal documents, and they have a binding effect on those who sign them. You are relying on someone else to do what is said in the document. If you fail to follow the contract yourself, you can be subject to a lawsuit. Before you sign the contract, you should have an experienced attorney review the entire document.

Every Word and Comma Matter

If you have a dispute, the court is going to review the exact language of the contract to decide what must be done. If it is there on paper, you are bound by it, every word and comma matters. The judge will look to the plain language of the contract first. It is only after they decide that a contract is ambiguous that they look to other extrinsic evidence. It does not matter what you were thinking when you signed a contract. It matters what is on the paper. Even a stray or inartful word can cost you time and money.

You Can Understand Your Rights and Obligations Under the Contract

At the same time, you should have a lawyer review your contract after you sign it if you are in a dispute. Your lawyer could help you learn your rights and remedies. They may come up with suggestions for resolving the dispute or let you know what you can do to enforce the contract. If someone is accusing you of breaking the contract, your lawyer could clarify your obligations and give you peace of mind in the face of allegations.

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