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Category: Employment law

Examples of Race Discrimination in Employment

Atlanta Employment Discrimination Attorney

Race discrimination is unfortunately alive and well in many American workplaces, in spite of federal and state laws prohibiting it. Discrimination based on race is illegal whether it involves adverse employment action or inappropriate comments made by other employees. In the event that you have been the victim of race discrimination at work, you may have legal rights under…

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Identifying Religious Discrimination in the Workplace

employment discrimination

The law prohibits employers from treating employees unfairly based on their religious beliefs (or lack thereof). Religious discrimination can take many forms, and some people do not even realize they are a victim of discrimination until the matter escalates. If you believe that you suffered this type of discrimination, do not wait to allow an Atlanta employment discrimination attorney…

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When Does a Business Contract Have to be in Writing?

Atlanta Business Transaction Lawyer

Not only is it a good idea to have a business contract in writing, but many times, it is a legal necessity. Without a written document that details and memorializes your rights, you could financially be at risk. How the Statute of Frauds Works To be clear, some oral contracts are enforceable, but you should never really take that…

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Rights Against Disability Discrimination

discrimination lawyer

Federal law protects workers from being discriminated against based on their disability. If an employer has violated the law, the employee can file a civil lawsuit for compensation. How the ADA Works The main federal law in this area is the American With Disabilities Act. The ADA makes disability status a protected class, and it applies to all employers…

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Did Your Employer Terminate You for Discriminatory Reasons?

employment attorney

Employers are not allowed to fire you for discriminatory reasons. Federal law prohibits any type of discrimination against these protected classes based on: Race National origin Gender Age Disability Religion Employers could be liable for monetary penalties in a discrimination lawsuit. In addition, the court could require that you are reinstated to your job. However, you must first begin…

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What Makes a Contract Enforceable?

business attorney

Not every contract ends up being enforceable if one party challenges it in court. At its core, a contract must be for a legal purpose and must be freely negotiated between the two parties. It cannot be so one-sided as to be unconscionable. The main thing that makes a contract enforceable is that each party is giving the other…

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Forms of Sex and Gender Discrimination at Work

Atlanta Employment Discrimination Lawyer

When you think of sex and gender discrimination, you might immediately think of hiring a male applicant over a female applicant or similar employment actions. However, did you know there are several different ways that sex and gender discrimination can manifest in the workplace? It can be difficult to know whether you were a victim of unlawful conduct, so…

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Common Business Tort Claims

Marietta Business Litigation Lawyer

The legal term “torts” refers to a civil wrong that resulted in harm and losses for another party. Torts may or may not be intentional, but when they happen in the business context, they always have the potential for extensive losses or liability – depending on which side of the claim your company is on. If you believe you…

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Determining the Value of a Business

Alpharetta Business Transactions Lawyer

There are many reasons why you might want to know the accurate value of your business. Perhaps another party has offered to purchase the business, or you are considering a merger. Maybe you decide it’s time to put the business up for sale to start a new venture, or one owner is leaving, and the company needs to purchase…

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Unlawful Retaliation for Discrimination Complaints

Atlanta employment discrimination attorney

Georgia employers are prohibited from discriminating against applicants or employees based on a variety of protected factors. These include race, religion, national origin, color, age, sex, and disability under the Georgia Fair Employment Practices Act, as well as federal law. When employees believe that discriminatory conduct occurred, they should take the proper steps to report the conduct to the…

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