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Category: corporate law

Considerations for Online Retail Transactions

Atlanta Business Transactions Lawyer

Online transactions are so common in modern times because they are so easy and often are as quick as the press of a button. While convenient, there are risks that go along with the use of online transactions, namely the possible theft of your money or the theft of your personal information. Every consumer should be aware of these…

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Pros and Cons of Arbitration

business litigation lawyer

We are often asked about whether arbitration makes sense, especially when a client is presented with a contract that requires arbitration of disputes. Here are the benefits and drawbacks of arbitration. Pros Arbitration is a quicker and less expensive way of resolving your conflict. You do not have to go to the lengths of a full trial to get…

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Can You Avoid Going to Court to Resolve Your Business Dispute?

business litigation

While many people have the impression that litigation is all about trial, very few cases actually end up in front of a jury. Many disputes are resolved without having to go to court through compromise and negotiation. In fact, this is the best possible result in a business dispute. The key to resolving a business dispute is getting an…

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Stopping Intellectual Property Infringement

Georgia business litigation attorney

Many companies voluntarily allow others to use their trademarks, copyrights, or patents by executing carefully drafted licensing agreements. Licensing can be profitable, but the opposite can happen if another party uses your intellectual property without authority. If you believe that someone is infringing on your company’s IP, you need to speak with an Atlanta business litigation attorney right away….

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Licensing Your Company’s IP

Atlanta business transactions attorney

Your company should take the proper steps to protect its intellectual property ownership, which can include obtaining patents for new designs or software, registering trademarks to protect your brand, and registering copyrights for any artistic works you create and own. While you take these steps to ensure no one uses your IP without authority, there might be situations in…

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Options for Commercial Lease Workouts

commercial lease attorney

There is no doubt that many business owners have fallen behind on commercial lease payments during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. While owners might be terrified that they will lose their commercial space and have to set up somewhere else, there are possible options available in many situations other than dispossession of the space. You should contact a commercial…

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Protecting Your Company’s Trade Secrets

trade secrets

Many companies obtain patents to protect their designs, formulas, and other inventions and product information. However, not everything that a business might want to protect qualifies for patent protection, and also, some owners might not want to expose the information necessary to obtain a patent. For this reason, a common way to protect proprietary information of a company is…

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How a Buy-Sell Agreement Protects Your Company

buy-sell agreement

If you are in business with others or plan to be in the near future, you should consider what may happen if one of your associates wants to leave the business. Without an agreement to the contrary, a co-owner’s business interest is completely transferable, meaning that you may end up in business with a person you have never met…

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Reopening Your Business in Georgia


As Governor Brian Kemp issues orders that allow certain types of businesses to reopen throughout Georgia, business owners have many issues to consider and address. First, there are strict requirements as you are opening, which might include: Limiting the number of employees and customers you can have at one time Implementing intense disinfectant and sanitation routines on the premises…

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Are You Facing Breach of Contract Allegations Stemming from COVID-19?

breach of contract

It seems that the COVID-19 pandemic has largely brought life as we know it in Atlanta to a halt. Many company owners have had their operations paused or at least lost revenue, and the future is uncertain for numerous businesses. Some company owners are unable to perform under their current contracts, and this could lead to allegations of breach…

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