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Category: Commercial Real Estate

Are You Considering a Commercial Real Estate Investment?

Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Investment Attorney

Commercial real estate is far different from buying a house. The transaction is much more detailed, and you are presumed to be a smarter buyer. However, it can take effort to bring yourself up to speed on what you need to know. Before you sign any agreement, make sure that you research the property itself and its allowable uses….

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Zoning Issues with Commercial Real Estate

Zoning Issues

Not every property can be used for every purpose that you want. Georgia law allows municipalities and local governments to regulate the property within their borders to set what can and cannot be done. Before you buy a property, you need to know the permissible uses. Otherwise, you may need to apply for a variance that you may or…

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Design Errors in Commercial Real Estate Developments

Alpharetta Commercial Real Estate Attorney

Hidden defects lurk in many commercial real estate developments based on their design. These could cause structural defects or other types of damages after a buyer has taken possession of the property. They could also cause delays during construction that cost buyers time and money. In turn, the contractor could experience their own damages based on mistakes that the…

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Three Things that Can Go Wrong in a Commercial Real Estate Deal

Alpharetta Commercial Real Estate Lawyer

Unpredictability is the unfortunate byproduct of any commercial real estate deal. There are many moving pieces in the deal, and any one of them can cause bumps in the road. Here are some things that can jeopardize your transaction.   Financing Falls Through In order to close on the deal, the buyer usually is borrowing money from a lender….

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Legal Issues in Commercial Development Projects

Atlanta Construction Lawyer

Commercial development projects rarely proceed smoothly from start to finish. Here are some common issues that parties experience and how to deal with them. Change orders One of the most common issues in these contracts is change orders. The builder may be asked to do things that they do not think are part of the contract. They must still…

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Commercial Leases: Why a Lawyer is Valuable

Alpharetta Commercial Real Estate Attorney

Commercial real estate is very different from residential real estate in a number of ways, one of which is that commercial tenants have fewer rights and protections than residential tenants. Signing a commercial lease without an understanding of the legal implications can place your business at a disadvantage and potentially be costly. One of the Alpharetta commercial real estate…

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Construction Defects in Commercial Developments

construction defects

Investing in commercial property is one of the most significant and often costly decisions of your life, and you have many options for your investment, including new builds or rehabs. When you are dealing with a new development, however, you are also taking a risk and putting significant trust into the designers, contractors, and developers in charge of construction…

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When Do You Need a Commercial Real Estate Attorney?

Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Attorney

Commercial real estate transactions can have significant financial and operational implications for the parties involved.  As a result, it’s highly advisable to retain an attorney to represent you and review any proposed transaction as early as you can in the process. Some examples of transactions and other issues that an attorney can help with include: The purchase or sale…

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Potential Hiccups in Commercial Real Estate Deals

Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Lawyer

With any deal, there are potential hurdles to overcome before it is closed. Sometimes, if no agreement can be reached, they can derail the deal. This holds true in commercial real estate deals. Here are some possible roadblocks. Environmental Concerns You never quite know what may be under the soil of a property when you are negotiating. Once you…

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Can You Reuse a Commercial Lease?

commercial real estate attorney

If you have a commercial property, losing a tenant can be a big blow. It is inconvenient, and you want to find the right replacement tenant and get them in the space as soon as possible to minimize your losses. In this process, it can seem easy to skip a step and simply reuse the commercial lease you had…

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