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Category: Business Litigaton

Settling Your Business Dispute During Litigation

Business Dispute Litigation Attorney

Many business lawsuits do not actually end up in front of a jury. A large number of cases are settled during the litigation. In many cases, this is the best possible result for you, as trials are expensive and risky. You can manage your own risk when you are able to negotiate before a possible trial. Here are some…

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Are NDAs Always Needed?

nondisclosure agreement

There is a growing trend towards making employees sign a nondisclosure agreement as a condition of their employment. More than one-third of United States workers have signed these agreements. Companies believe that these are necessary to protect their information. While there are some situations that require NDAs, they are not always needed. First, there is a valid concern that…

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Did the Sale of Your Business Fall Through?

Atlanta Business Litigation Attorney

When you have agreed to the sale of your business, you have an expectation that the deal will close. In some cases, you may run into hurdles, some of which can keep the deal from happening. While some deal collapses may be inevitable, you may be able to sue if the buyer violated your legal rights. Any time that…

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Partnership Agreements for COAM Businesses

Coin-operated amusement machines are a highly-regulated business in Georgia. When two people decide to go into business together as partners, they need a detailed agreement to protect themselves. Like any partnership agreement, this contract must provide specific rights and obligations for each of the parties. One of the most important aspects of a partnership agreement is the dispute resolution…

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Employers Try to Disguise Age Discrimination

Atlanta Age Discrimination Attorney

Employers will never tell you explicitly that they are taking some type of adverse action against you or denying you a promotion because of your age. If they did, they would be setting themselves up for an automatic lawsuit and significant legal liability. You will need to prove discrimination by getting to the bottom of the facts in the…

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Overview of the Business Lawsuit Process

Dunwoody Business Litigation Attorney

If your business finds itself in litigation, it will undoubtedly be a difficult time. Business lawsuits can take years to resolve and require your time and investment. Here is what you can expect in a business lawsuit. The process begins when you or the other party drafts a complaint, files it with the court, and serves it on the…

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When is Arbitration Required for a Business Dispute?

Dunwoody Business Litigation Attorney

The default in any business litigation case is that it will end up in court if one party decides to sue. However, many contractual agreements will have a clause to specify a choice of forum. The parties to a contract may agree that any dispute could be brought in only a certain court (usually located where the more powerful…

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When is Business Litigation Appropriate?

Alpharetta Business Litigation Lawyer

Although a lawsuit should be the last thing that any business owner wants, there are times when it is a necessity. Notwithstanding the costs and disruptions, you may have no choice but to file a lawsuit. Common Examples of Business Litigation One common situation that requires litigation is when you have a contract dispute. If you have not been…

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What is Due Diligence?

Marietta Business Transactions Attorney

Doing business, whether as an owner, a colleague, or a customer, is a complex operation and requires careful consideration of what may seem like endless options. When a business is making a major decision, and it has shareholders, partners, co-owners, and other parties with an interest in ownership, that business has an obligation to make decisions that are in…

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Common Shareholder Conflicts

Georgia Business Litigation Lawyer

As a shareholder, you are a part owner of a business and entitled to participate in certain business decisions that impact your rights and your ownership in the company. If you are having issues exercising your shareholder rights, the Dunwoody business litigation attorneys from Battleson Law are here to review your concerns and advise you of your options for…

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