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Race discrimination is unfortunately alive and well in many American workplaces, in spite of federal and state laws prohibiting it. Discrimination based on race is illegal whether it involves adverse employment action or inappropriate comments made by other employees. In the event that you have been the victim of race discrimination at work, you may have legal rights under the law and should contact an attorney as soon as you can to explore your options.

What Does Race Discrimination Look Like?

Race discrimination can be overt or subtle. In addition, it can involve specific, identifiable actions that affect your employment or a generally hostile work environment. Some specific examples of race discrimination in the workplace include:

  • Deciding not to hire someone based on their race
  • Firing someone because of their race
  • Comments disparaging people of a certain race
  • Demotion to less desirable work duties
  • Cutting an employee’s hours
  • Promoting a less-qualified person
  • Disparities in pay
  • Not placing people of a particular race in consumer-facing positions
  • Dress codes or grooming regulations that disproportionately impact members of a certain racial group
  • Retaliating against an employee for reporting racist behavior

There are certain steps that you should take if you suspect that you have experienced race discrimination. First, make sure to keep records of any communication that is or references the racist conduct. Be sure to notify your employer’s human resources department if one exists. Finally, do not discuss your case with anyone until you have a lawyer and retain an attorney as soon as you can.

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