Settling a Business Dispute Out of Court

Many people are surprised when they learn the exact percentage of court cases that go all the way to trial. Only a small handful of cases will reach a jury. The rest are resolved in some other way. Even if some cases end up in court, only a few will end up in a hearing.

The most common resolution to a business dispute is when the two parties reach some sort of agreement between them. Each party has its own risks and motivation in a business dispute. There are definite risks to a trial. Not only do you have no control over the result, but you would also incur a large amount of expenses. Thus, a settlement would manage your risks and avoid the cost of a trial. In addition to the financial costs, there is also an opportunity cost to a trial. The distraction alone could cost your business a considerable amount of money.

You should engage an attorney in the early stages of a business dispute. Hiring a lawyer could actually keep your case out of court. Your attorney could help you communicate with the other party and present creative ideas for resolving the dispute. They could negotiate a potential solution to the problem that does not involve litigation. If you do not have a lawyer, you could increase the risks of a trial and harm your legal picture by acting without knowledge of what could damage your position. Retaining a lawyer is an investment in your business and can give you peace of mind.

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