Do Contract Disputes Always Go to Court?

Many people assume that every dispute with someone else will eventually end up in court. You may be surprised to know that very few business disputes will result in a trial. Most cases are resolved at some point before they reach a judge. Oftentimes, there is little to be gained from an actual trial, even if litigation has already begun.

Oftentimes, the two parties are able to work out a resolution to the dispute on their own. They may exchange letters through their attorneys and negotiate an agreement that would end the disagreement. In some cases, they may engage a mediator to help them talk through the issues and reach a solution. Parties may even decide to go to binding arbitration because it is quicker and more cost effective than litigation. Most disputes are resolved without any involvement of the court, but a business should engage an attorney early in the process to increase the chances of avoiding litigation.

Even if one or both parties need to file legal action, there is still a strong likelihood that the case will never go to trial. Most contract disputes will settle before they end up in front of a judge or jury. The risks to each party are too high, and the costs of litigation are too steep not to resolve the dispute. In many cases, the case will settle after the discovery process is concluded and before the trial begins. Nonetheless, you should always prepare for the possibility of trial, even if there is a likelihood that it will not happen.

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