What Happens if Someone Sues Your Company?

Business litigation can be a difficult time in the life of your company. You need to deal with a legal process against the backdrop of risk for your company. Here is what you can expect during the litigation process.

The court case will likely drag on for many months or even years. The trial part of the case actually does not take much time. Much of the litigation process consists of motions filed with the court. A lawsuit is a slow and steady process that only reaches its climax with the trial.

The hardest part of the case for you will be the discovery process. The plaintiff in the case will have the legal right to request large amounts of information that are in your possession (and you can do the same from them). You would need to respond to written questions, provide emails and other records and potentially sit for a deposition. In that way, litigation can feel like a significant intrusion. You will need to do a significant amount of work to deal with the administrative demands of the trial, even when you hire a litigation attorney.

In many instances, the lawsuit against you will be settled. Very few cases will go to trial. Chances are that you will engage in settlement discussions with the plaintiff at several points during the process. The odds are that you may reach a settlement at some point. If not, you will have a high-stakes trial, where you can face potential liability.

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