How to Resolve a Business Dispute? Look at the Contract

There is a reason why parties to a contract have a written agreement between them to govern their legal relationship. If you find yourself in a contract dispute, the first place you should go is to the contract itself. You can rest assured that if you are case goes to court, that is exactly what the judge will do.

When the two parties agree to a contract, it reflects the final agreement between them. Every word, and even every piece of punctuation, has a specific use and meaning. Oral agreements, or any other extrinsic evidence, only come into play if something is not covered by the explicit language of the contract or if it is ambiguous.

When there is a contract dispute, an attorney would tell you that it is “black letter law” that the court looks to the plain language of the contract. If a court has any questions about a party’s intentions, it will try to discern the answer from within the four corners of the document. Courts do not like to read anything into the contract that is not there and will only do so if all attempts to interpret the document itself fail.

Reviewing the exact language of the contract should give you a concrete indication of your legal rights. The document reflects what you have agreed to with the other party. If you need help understanding the contractual language, you should contact an experienced attorney to review the document. Your attorney will then give you legal advice about resolving the business dispute.

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