Settling Your Business Dispute During Litigation

Many business lawsuits do not actually end up in front of a jury. A large number of cases are settled during the litigation. In many cases, this is the best possible result for you, as trials are expensive and risky. You can manage your own risk when you are able to negotiate before a possible trial. Here are some ways to settle a case without going to trial.


One of the most common ways that litigants settle cases is with the help of a mediator. A neutral third party can help you and the other party talk through your issues, finding common areas of agreement and working to bridge the differences in your positions. The mediator does not have any power to decide the case. Their only job is to facilitate a conversation.

Direct Negotiation

You may speak directly with the other party through your lawyer. Most litigants will make some attempt to explore a potential settlement at some point during the trial. It never hurts to at least try to negotiate, and your settlement discussions cannot be used as evidence at trial. Many times, you can reach an agreement that gives each party some of what they want.


You may want to consider arbitration as a means of resolving your dispute. Arbitrators can issue a binding decision, and the process will not cost as much as a full-fledged trial. An arbitrator may also predict how a court would rule, after hearing the evidence. Their prediction could spur settlement negotiations among the parties.

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