Overview of the Business Lawsuit Process

If your business finds itself in litigation, it will undoubtedly be a difficult time. Business lawsuits can take years to resolve and require your time and investment. Here is what you can expect in a business lawsuit.

The process begins when you or the other party drafts a complaint, files it with the court, and serves it on the other party. The complaint will lay out the facts of the lawsuit along with the legal grounds that would justify relief. The defendant gets a chance to respond to the allegations in the complaint, and they will often file a counterclaim of their own.

The defendant will almost always file a motion to dismiss the lawsuit. If the court rules that the lawsuit can proceed, the case will move to the discovery process, where they can seek evidence that the other side has in its possession. You may even have your deposition taken by the opposing party’s lawyer. Discovery is a time-intensive process, and it can take many months to complete.

Many Cases Will Settle Before Trial

Usually, the parties will try to settle the case at some point during the lawsuit process. Settlement discussions often intensify after discovery when both parties have an understanding of the strength of their legal position. If they cannot reach an agreement or do not want to settle, the case will head to a trial. After each side gets to present their own case, the judge or jury will issue a decision. If one party is unsatisfied with the result of the case and thinks a mistake was made, they can appeal the result.

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