Construction Defects in Commercial Developments

Investing in commercial property is one of the most significant and often costly decisions of your life, and you have many options for your investment, including new builds or rehabs. When you are dealing with a new development, however, you are also taking a risk and putting significant trust into the designers, contractors, and developers in charge of construction or repairs.

Unfortunately, defects in a commercial development can be costly in many ways. It can set back the opening of the building or require expensive repairs down the line. One of the Atlanta commercial real estate lawyers at Battleson Law can help advise you further of your options in this situation.

Holding Construction Companies or Other Parties Liable for Defects

When you discover a defect – whether it is immediately after construction or months in the future – you should take action. First, make sure the premises are safe for any business tenants or visitors by ordering any emergency repairs. You do not want to face additional legal hassles if a defect causes injuries or losses to a tenant.

Then, consult with a lawyer who can help determine whether someone should be liable for the defect. Liable parties might include:

  • Architects for defective designs
  • General contractors or subcontractors
  • HVAC, electrical, or plumbing professionals who made errors
  • Roofers
  • Suppliers that provided inadequate materials

Recovering compensation for a costly defect can be an uphill battle, but a possible one with the right legal assistance.

Connect with an Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Attorney Now

Commercial property investments are stressful enough without having to worry about possible construction defects and their effects. Know that you have solutions that can help you recover for your losses in many situations. Reach out to Battleson Law to schedule an appointment to discuss your case today. We can evaluate your situation and take the necessary steps to protect your investment.

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