Can an Owner Dispute the Shutdown of a Business?

Running a business is both an exciting and also potentially costly endeavor. Whatever type of business you run, it can be very difficult to turn a profit when your doors are not open as a result of mandatory shutdowns. Disputing a shutdown or appealing the decision of the agency that required it can be a way to get your doors open faster and your revenue running again. One of the Atlanta business litigation lawyers at Battleson Law can help advise you further of your options, and read on to learn more.

The Agency That Required the Shutdown and Underlying Cause Determine Duration

Disputing a shutdown of your business is something that can be done, however, the way in which it is achieved will vary depending on the source of the shut down. If you were shut down for a municipal code violation, the procedure to cure the violation or challenge the finding will be outlined by the rules of your municipality. They can get complicated between the various rules, regulations, and related forms, and this is where an attorney is able to contribute value to your case.

Some other shutdowns, such as the sweeping measures in 2020 due to COVID-19, cannot be challenged, but there might be other legal maneuvers to protect your business.

Connect with an Atlanta Business Litigation Attorney Now

Each agency has a different process to challenge a required shutdown, and various towns and cities will also have a different process through which the dispute can be challenged and/or appealed. The application of the local rules and regulations, in addition to case precedent, is where an experienced attorney comes in.

We are able to analyze the unique facts and circumstances of your business and the shutdown in question and reply in the appropriate manner. Reach out to Battleson Law to schedule an appointment to discuss your case today.


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