How to Resolve Shareholder Disputes

While there are several ways to resolve shareholder disputes, the best one for your situation is the one that will help you avoid litigation. Shareholder lawsuits are costly, and they are bad for business. Here are some approaches to solving difficulties with shareholders.


The old adage is that it is always better to keep talking until you can reach a resolution. Mediation is the best way to achieve this. You may have difficulty negotiating directly with the other side because tensions may have already peaked. A mediator can help you talk to the other side in the hopes of reaching a resolution. They are trained to get and keep people talking.


This is an intermediate step when you are seeking a resolution to a difficult issue but do not want to go to litigation. Here, you have an arbitrator issue a binding decision. This is less formal and costly than litigation, and it can reduce some of the tensions. At the same time, you can have closure and resolve the issue.


This should be the option of last resort for any dispute. Before you go to court, you should make every effort possible to resolve the dispute. However, it is not always possible because it takes two sides to negotiate. There is always a risk to going to court, and you surrender control of your case to the judge. In addition, litigation will leave lingering hard feelings, and it will cost you quite a bit of money in attorney’s fees.

An Atlanta Business Litigation Lawyer Can Help

The attorneys at Battleson Law PLLC can help you make all efforts to settle or resolve your shareholder dispute with the hope of avoiding litigation. If going to court is a must, we will be aggressive litigators on your behalf. Call us today at 470.766.0811 or contact us online to discuss your legal matter.

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