Common Vendor Issues

Vendors can play an important role for many businesses, and you likely rely on your vendors for your operations and to follow through on promises to customers. Vendors can provide many goods and services, from cleaning your commercial property to supplying materials for a construction job or to assemble your products. It is critical that a vendor is reliable and consistent in accordance with your vendor agreements, and you should ensure that you compensate your vendors properly as agreed.

When vendors fail to perform as you expect them to, it can risk business and cause damage to your reputation. Your company can suffer significant losses as a result of a vendor issue, which might involve:

  • Delivering materials late
  • Delivering the wrong goods
  • Only making partial deliveries
  • Overcharging or tacking on additional costs
  • Changing the quality of the materials provided
  • Changing product pricing without advance notice
  • Inconsistent performance

When your vendors do not do their jobs, your company cannot follow through on its obligations to clients and customers, which can be costly. So, what should you do if a vendor issue arises?

Often, vendor issues build over time and progressively get worse. It is best to address the matter with the help of an Atlanta business transaction lawyer as soon as you notice something is wrong. This can minimize the losses and conflicts that will likely keep arising.

Your attorney can help to negotiate a solution to resolve the conflict and reimburse you for any losses. If needed, they can file a lawsuit to seek damages or, in some cases, performance of the vendor under your contracts.

Speak with an Atlanta Business Transaction Lawyer

Having clear vendor contracts is a necessity, as is addressing vendor disputes head on. Seek help from an Atlanta business transaction attorney who can provide guidance for your vendor relationships. Contact us online or call 470.398.0720 to learn how Battleson Law, LLC, can help.

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