Common Hiccups in Commercial Real Estate Deals

Just because you agree to a commercial real estate deal does not mean that it is guaranteed to happen. Here are five common snags that could cause the deal to fall through.

Environmental Issues

Many commercial real estate deals involve some sort of environmental review. If the deal involves land, this review could reveal that there are environmental issues that need to be remediated, adding to the cost of the purchase. In that case, the buyer may seek to renegotiate the price and exit the deal without concessions.


The best thing is transacting with a buyer who has their financing completely lined up in advance. However, even the most rock-solid financing could hit snags. Before closing, the buyer may find that their financing has fallen through.


It is not always apparent upfront to the buyer whether they have the rights to the full use of the property. They will search for easements, and someone else may have rights to the property that could lower the value. Property rights change over the years, and the seller may not even know when they make representations.

Lack of Diligence

The buyer would have to meet a number of deadlines during the purchase process with respect to paperwork and financing. When the buyer misses key deadlines in the process, the seller often has the right to terminate the deal. Buyers must deliver what the contract obligates on time to keep the deal progressing.

Not Having Legal Help

Attorneys could help resolve differences that come up during the transactions process by proposing commonsense solutions to problems. Not having this expertise could allow resolvable issues to sink the deal.

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