Common Business Tort Claims

The legal term “torts” refers to a civil wrong that resulted in harm and losses for another party. Torts may or may not be intentional, but when they happen in the business context, they always have the potential for extensive losses or liability – depending on which side of the claim your company is on.

If you believe you have a business tort claim or need to defend against a claim filed by another party, you should contact a Marietta business litigation attorney right away. The following are some common business tort claims.


“Fraud” can refer to a wide range of actions that utilize deceptive conduct for the purpose of wrongful gain. Fraud can be involved in contracts, record-keeping, payroll, and much more, and can result in a legal case brought against the fraudulent party.

Defamation and Disparagement

Just like people can suffer harm from defamation, so can companies. These cases arise when someone makes statements about a business that are false and damaging to the reputation of a product, service, or the company in general, which can lead to financial losses.

Tortious Interference

The law prohibits parties from intentionally interfering with the relationships and agreements that a business has with other individuals or companies. If someone disrupts your transactions, current contracts, or potential business relations, you could have a case for tortious interference.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

When someone is an agent of the company, including officers, financial administrators, and more, they have a fiduciary duty to the company. This includes acting without bias or self-interest, making prudent decisions, not acting in a self-serving manner, and more. Breaches of fiduciary duty can be costly and proper action should be taken.

Seek Assistance from a Marietta Business Litigation Lawyer

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