Does a Contract Need to be in Writing?

Contracts are a major part of life – whether you are a business owner or a consumer. You might enter into contracts without even realizing, such as by purchasing a product, paying for a haircut, or buying tickets to an event. Some contracts happen quickly with a few words between two people, and this leads to the question: does a contract need to be written to be enforceable?

First of all, it is always a wise idea to put a contract in writing. Even if the law does not require all contracts to be written, memorializing an agreement in writing makes it much easier to prove the terms of that agreement if needed at a later date. Otherwise, it might be your word against the other party’s, which is usually not sufficient evidence to prove a breach of contract claim.

In addition, the law does require that certain contracts be in writing to be valid, some of which include:

  • Contracts for real property sales
  • Contracts that will not be completed within one year
  • Contracts for goods over a certain value
  • Agreements to cover another person’s debts
  • Prenuptial or postnuptial agreements
  • Contracts that will outlive the agreeing party

If you have a verbal agreement regarding any of the above, it will likely not stand up in court as a valid contract.

You should always err on the side of caution and have an experienced Georgia contracts lawyer draft or review a carefully considered written contract.

Consult with an Atlanta Contracts Attorney

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