Business and Corporate Law FAQ

Businesses large and small face a wide variety of legal issues on a regular basis. From the very start to the very end of operations, owners will have many questions and concerns, and an experienced business lawyer in Atlanta can help. Below are some common questions from clients, and for more specific information, please contact Battleson Law, LLC.

I want to start a business, how can a lawyer help?

If you are an entrepreneur looking to launch a new startup, there are many decisions to make that can affect your taxes, liability, and other legal matters. The right attorney can help you choose the right business entity, assist with corporate formation, obtain the right insurance, ensure you are in compliance with all laws necessary to begin operations, and much more.

What types of transactions can a corporate law firm handle?

Businesses engage in many legal transactions, such as entering into contracts, purchasing or selling real estate, mergers and acquisitions, and many others. Battleson Law can assist with a wide range of transactional matters, including drafting and negotiating operating or shareholder agreements, overseeing due diligence, corporate finance matters, and the dissolution process.

How does an attorney address business disputes?

Along the way, businesses can run into many problems with clients, vendors, contractors, brokers, and many other parties. You want to address disputes as soon as they arise, as an attorney can often facilitate negotiations without any further legal action. If you do need to escalate the matter, your attorney should have the experience needed to skillfully handle the dispute resolution or litigation necessary.

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