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Category: Business Litigaton

How to Resolve Shareholder Disputes

Atlanta Business Litigation Lawyer

While there are several ways to resolve shareholder disputes, the best one for your situation is the one that will help you avoid litigation. Shareholder lawsuits are costly, and they are bad for business. Here are some approaches to solving difficulties with shareholders. Mediation The old adage is that it is always better to keep talking until you can…

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What to Do if You Believe You Suffered Discrimination at Work

Atlanta Employment Discrimination Lawyer

Workplace discrimination is debilitating and demoralizing. It is also illegal. If you have been a victim of this at work, you have the legal right to file a lawsuit. Here is what you should do. Don’t Panic Being the target of discriminatory actions is stressful. However, the law protects you. Try to keep calm because how you react and…

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Will Your Contract Lawsuit Go to Court?

business litigation

When you believe another party has breached a contract or someone else is accusing you of breaching a contract, the dispute can escalate into a lawsuit. Such lawsuits are filed in civil court when the parties cannot negotiate and resolve the matter on their own. When you think of a lawsuit, you might first imagine participating in a trial…

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