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What is the Minimum Age to Sign a Business Contract?

business contract

There are numerous reasons why legal contracts may be found invalid by a court. One of the reasons is that a party is not old enough to sign a legal contract. In Georgia, signatories to a contract must be at least 18 years of age. If a minor signs a business contract, they actually have some degree of control…

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Legal Relief for Employment Discrimination

employment discrimination

Federal and state laws prohibit discrimination on the job when you are a member of a protected class. Discrimination can manifest itself in hiring, firing, and promotion decisions or a hostile work environment. If you have been the victim of employment discrimination, you may file a claim. Before you can file a lawsuit against your employer, you must first…

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How to Value a Company

Atlanta Business Valuation Attorney

There are numerous situations that would require you to value a business, including: Selling a stake in your business to investors Executing a buy/sell agreement A merger and acquisition with another company Divorce litigation Buying out a partner Valuing a business is an uncertain science that requires precision. The valuation has real-life consequences, so it would need to be…

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Checklist for Purchasing Commercial Property

commercial property

Purchasing commercial property is not the same as buying residential real estate. There are far more issues that come into play. Not only is financing far more complex, but there are numerous potential permits and compliance issues that you must obtain. The most important item on the checklist is the real estate purchase agreement. This contract will contain all…

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Do Startups Always Need a Lawyer?

business startup

Startup businesses will always have legal issues that need to be addressed. When you are forming a business, not only must you form an infrastructure, but there are also other issues that may arise. Here are just some of the legal matters that a startup business would need to address: Choosing the form of incorporation and drafting the necessary…

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Tort Claims Against Your Business

tort claims

Businesses can be sued in a number of contexts. No matter the type of lawsuit, being named as a defendant in a lawsuit can have significant risks and costs for your business. You should not try to face the legal process alone because it could both increase the chance of liability and distract you from revenue-producing activities. First, businesses…

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Age Discrimination at Work

age discrimination

Age is a protected class at work. Federal law prohibits discrimination at work against workers aged 40 or over on the basis of their age. Age discrimination can cover a broad range of actions. If you have been the victim of age discrimination, you may be able to file a legal claim against the employer. The prime examples of…

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Legal Issues Regarding Commercial Development Projects

commercial development

Many of the challenges of a commercial development project relate to the legal status. There are numerous stakeholders with which you need to agree in order to bring the project to fruition. Here are some of the legal issues that you may face in the commercial development project. Zoning Nearby residents or other stakeholders may object to the construction…

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Risks of a Sole Proprietorship

sole proprietorship

In a sole proprietorship, you are the business, and the business is you. The main drawback of this arrangement is that you could end up personally liable when something goes wrong with the business. Companies benefit from a corporate veil. If you have a limited liability corporation, the extent of your liability is the business assets. If you have…

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Requirements for a Valid Contract

valid contract

When you enter into an agreement and sign a contract, you would expect that it would be enforceable in court in the event of a dispute. Not every contract ends up being enforceable. If it does not meet legal requirements, you may not have the protections that you expected. The first legal requirement for a contract is that each…

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