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Employers will never tell you explicitly that they are taking some type of adverse action against you or denying you a promotion because of your age. If they did, they would be setting themselves up for an automatic lawsuit and significant legal liability. You will need to prove discrimination by getting to the bottom of the facts in the face of the employer’s denial.


You would need to prove that the employer took action because of your age. However, an outright admission of age discrimination is not a must. In these types of cases, words and circumstances matter. If there is a pattern of comments, it could help prove discrimination. You can also compare how you were treated to how a similarly situated younger employee was treated and show that there was a difference. You can use patterns of conduct that have affected other older employees to show a pervasive environment of age discrimination.


You Must Cut Through the Justification to Win


The challenge is that an employer will always have a justification for what they did that you will need to deal with before you could win an age discrimination lawsuit. These cases will always go very heavily into the facts of your particular situation, so it is crucial to document everything that does not seem right. You should also speak to a lawyer at the first possible hint of age discrimination because an attorney could advise you how to handle the situation and what you need to be looking out for that could be discrimination.


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